April 18, 2014


Bengal Principals’ Help Desk is a site dedicated to all principals of West Bengal including Teachers –in- Charge, Teachers, Government and University officials including friends of the media. The site will provide updated UGC notifications, MHRD notifications, West Bengal Government Higher Education Department and Education Directorate (DPI) orders and notifications. It also contains list of general degree colleges of West Bengal, teachers’ training colleges and law colleges of the state. The list contains telephone numbers of colleges, contact number of principals, college website links including e-mail addresses wherever available. The site has links with different universities of the state, with West Bengal State Council of Higher Education, West Bengal Higher Education Department, UGC, MHRD, British Council Library, American Library, National Library, IIMs, and other central government approved research bodies. The site is interactive – if some expert advice is required, the managers of the website will provide it free of cost. The site is democratic - contains provision to freely express opinions and suggestions on the affairs of higher education in West Bengal. No personal hatred or malicious comments to be posted. Managers reserve the right to delete such malicious comments. Bengal Principals' Help Desk has no linkage with any organization of Principals or teachers.This is purely a personal effort of some people interested in the higher education in West Bengal

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